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Co-Design builds on the methods and principles of Participatory Design which assumes 'users' are the experts of their own domain and should be involved in the design process.


Talked about young people ​and their wants and needs​


Brainstormed and prototyped ​ideas for the space

Learn from Experts

Discussed with experts in social enterprise models, STEM, ​Arts & Culture

The Background

After much consultation and energy, the team at YES have secured the lease to the RSA Building in Takapuna, and are now working closely with Younite, the Devonport-Takapuna Youth Board, towards their shared vision of creating a unique youth innovation space.

To ensure that the space truly honours the needs and hopes of our young people, YES are using a co-design approach to help gather insights, direction and momentum from young people, and those who work with young people.

The intention is that the new space supports the growth and development of young people so that they can step into their future potential. Along with this, there is a desire to ensure we honour the legacy of the Returned Services Association (RSA) and the veterans in the space.

To help explore the possibilities and start to clarify how the space could work, Curative facilitated a 5 hour workshop on Saturday 17 September which involved approximately 40 young people aged between 14 – 24.

Understanding The Audience

Using a Pen Portraits exercise, we worked in groups of 5-6 to explore what life looks like for young people. Most of the participants illustrated youth lifestyle that looked very similar. There were two strong personality types that emerged.

The following shows a composite of indicative young people from within the session. This is not representative of the full breadth of the audience for this project, but does provide some useful insight into the lives of young people.

"No one can grow if they're forced to hide. This space will encourage confidence and pride in our young people so that they can reach their potential"

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