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Lets Mahi together!

Help us realise our vision that Young People can feel safe to grow their potential and navigate the world as their authentic selves. 

Shore Junction is a member of Ara Taiohi

Our mahi is guided by the Ara Taiohi Code of Ethics and Mana Taiohi.

We love supporting other youth organisations to utilise our space. To ensure that we can fairly and safely allocate space and time to all organisations please have a read of our processes below.  You will need to register your organisation using the form below. 

Other Youth Organisations using Shore Junction as a venue for their Youth Work.

In order to use Shore Junction and our resources as a venue to facilitate your Kaupapa, Your youth organization will need to be registered with us. This is so we can ensure that you are providing a service that is inline with Shore Junction Values in providing a safe and enriching environment for all young people that enter our building.

Once registered, your organization can then utilize Shore Junction in the following ways:

Drop-in sessions: 
Dropping into the Centre with your young person(s) to utilize our general spaces and resources.

Between 10am and 3pm Tuesday to Friday:

  • Maximum of 4 youth workers at a time at your Staff:Youth ratio (specified in your registration) per organization.


Between 3pm and 6pm Tue-Fri & 10am to 6pm Saturday:

  • Maximum of 2 youth workers at a time at your Staff:Youth ratio per organization. 

Inform us of a drop in time beforehand – minimum of 4 hours beforehand, ideally the day before – by calling 021 222 5510 or emailing . We cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the space due to existing bookings, we will try our best to accommodate. 


Conduct for drop in sessions: Youth workers must be engaged with their young people, Shore Junction is not a place for youth workers to relax or use our spaces/resources for personal leisure. From a youth-work perspective, everything in Shore Junction is a tool for engagement and connection with young people.

  • If the young person(s) doesn’t require regular monitoring or supervision, the youth worker can leave the young person at Shore Junction and return at a later time to collect them.
  • If the young person requires monitoring or supervision, the youth worker must have eyesight at all times and be engaged with the young person

Room Bookings:

Bookings have higher limits on youth workers as you are booking a specific space to run a workshop, programme or session etc.

Limits are dependent on the space that you want to book and the activity that you want to run. If you want to book a space, please email or call us on 0212225510 and ask to speak to Annaliese. 

*If you want to have drop ins before or after your booking, the above drop ins rules will still apply. 


Ways to work with us:

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