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Creating impact that matters!

Shore Junction is focused on achieving positive outcomes for young people, including:

  • Enhancing young people’s sense of belonging, connectedness, confidence, sense of purpose, self-worth, and efficacy
  • Measurably improving youth wellbeing
  • Supporting young people to successfully transition to further education, employment, and enterprise
  • Strengthening youth voice, with young people actively influencing local, regional and national decision-making
  • Growing a new generation of engaged, community-driven and socially conscious leaders

Shore Junction will support outcomes for young people, by working collaboratively with community, government, and business. This approach will generate a much wider impact, including:

  • A cross-sector “community” of local businesses, youth service providers and community organisations working more collaboratively
  • Communities that are more youth-friendly and play an active role in supporting youth success
  • A more cohesive youth sector, with innovative youth development practices that are replicable and scalable across New Zealand

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