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Shore Junction has identified five key pillars that will shape programme delivery!

​These pillars or programme areas embody our overall strategic intent, and best respond to our intentions for impact. They also represent the areas where the needs identified by young people, their ideas and aspirations, and evidence of effective practice best converge.

Our pillars will...

  • ​Provide access to leading technology and digital platforms.
  • Enable young people to explore their creativity and develop enterprise ideas through access to advanced technologies.
  • Support young people to develop the technical skills that they need to be future-ready.
  • Provide a space to explore how youth-designed technologies can change the way we live, work, and play.

  • Provide programmes that enable young people to develop key business skills.
  • Create pathways into business and enterprise for emerging young talent.
  • Connect young people with mentors and other resources to support their exploration of business ideas as emerging entrepreneurs.
  • As a space, Shore Junction is a blank canvas for social enterprise development. Young people can use the building fora wide range of enterprise activities – including marketing, hosting events, developing technology or testing new business ideas.

  • Offer integrated programmes and services that enhance youth well-being.
  • Create opportunities for young people to connect with one another, developing an increased sense of belonging.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to develop leadership roles and influence local, regional and national decision-making.
  • Enable young people to engage with their wider community and grow their impact as young social change-makers.

  • Create an engaging environment that is focused on innovation and experienced-based learning.
  • Support young people with resources and programmes that enhance their educational outcomes.
  • Connect young people to higher education and employment pathways.

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