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Invest in the future of New Zealand!

Your gift will invest in an initiative that engages and nurtures young local talent, to help build a vibrant and sustainable community in Auckland.

Thank you for helping grow the youth of New Zealand to help them realise their dreams.

Partnerships and Sponsors

We seek partnerships with people and organisations that have a shared vision for what we can achieve together. ​

​​We look to form partnerships with people and organisations that understand and respect Shore Junction’s principles of practice – youth-led; authentic partnerships; inclusion and diversity; innovation; excellence; learning and evolution.

​​We value reciprocity and seeks partnerships that offer a value exchange. ​

​We operate with transparency and open dialogue in order to build the level of trust needed for effective partnership.

​​We recognise the need to set clear expectations with partners – particularly in relation to our value exchange, the limitations of our partnership, potential conflicts and conflict management, and communication. These expectations should be in line with the respective skills, means and capacities of Shore Junction and our partner organisations.