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Make your own music - at Zero Cost

Welcome to our Recording Studio. The recording studio is the ideal place to bring your projects to life. The recording studio space is designed to cater to diverse needs of musicians, offering a professional and inspiring environment equipped with technology that will help you achieve your full potential as an artist. 

Our team, Conin and Mazbou Q, is dedicated to capturing your unique sound and vision. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your audio goals with precision and passion. 

Our studio provides a perfect recording environment to capture the voice talent you need.  

It is a place for collaboration and innovation, allowing you to connect and convey your emotions through music. 


What we offer:


  • Logic Pro X, Interface, Condenser Mic, Midi Keyboard and professional Studio monitors in a sound proofed room.
  • Basic DAW (Logic) Training and production feedback sessions
  • Mazbou Q Production: 
    • Apply for a slot in our studio with Mazbou Q to write and produce a song from scratch then have it mixed, mastered and released onto spotify all for free. (This would normally cost you roughly 1.5k!)
  • Shore Junction Record Label: 
    • A place to find music created professionally here at Shore Junction by young people

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